Common Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer pic
Bladder Cancer

A board-certified surgeon and urologist, Dr. Alan Sadah has been practicing medicine for more than two decades. He practices in Chicago, Illinois, as part of Metro Chicago Surgical Oncology, LLC, and maintains hospital privileges at several medical facilities. At his practice, Dr. Alan Sadah treats a range of conditions, including bladder cancer.

Roughly 68,000 adults in the United States are diagnosed with bladder cancer. This condition develops in the cells lining the bladder and it is most often diagnosed during its early stages. However, recurrence is common with bladder cancer, regardless of when it’s caught. Below are several signs of the condition that people should try to notice:

Hematuria: The first sign of bladder cancer is usually hematuria, or blood in the urine. Depending on how much blood is present, a person’s urine may change color to pink, orange, or dark red. Further, blood in the urine isn’t constantly present and may disappear for several weeks or months before reappearing again.

Changes in bladder habits: Many people experience a change in their bladder habits when they have bladder cancer. This may include urinating more often than normal, a burning sensation when urinating, or having trouble urinating. These symptoms are common among men with an overactive bladder, urinary tract infection, and other conditions, so it’s important to report any change in bladder habits to a doctor.

Physical pain: When individuals have bladder cancer, they often experience lower back pain on one side of the body. Pelvic pain is also a common symptom of the disease. In severe cases, this pain may move to other areas of the body, too, such as the bones. Again, some of these symptoms are associated with other conditions, so it’s important to have them checked.


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