American Urological Association Recommends Kidney-Sparing Nephrectomy


American Urological Associationpic
American Urological Association

Serving the needs of patients at Metro Chicago Surgical Oncology, LLC, Dr. Alan Sadah is focused on urological care that includes ureteroscopy and renoscopy, as well as procedures such as biopsies and ultrasound. Dr. Alan Sadah is a member of the American Urological Association, which recently released guidelines designed to emphasize “nephron-sparing approaches” when addressing small renal masses through surgery.

With radical nephrectomy (RN) involving the complete removal of one kidney to treat cancer, a recent Johns Hopkins University study brought about the new more conservative recommendations. The study involved comparison of partial nephrectomy (PN) and RN ablation outcomes, with a median follow-up period of three years.

The researchers found that cancer-specific survival rates were 98.8 (PN) and 100 percent (RN) for the procedures at seven years. However, RN brought about a nearly 11 times greater risk of chronic kidney disease at clinically significant levels. For this reason, partial nephrectomy approaches that do not completely remove one of the body’s two kidneys are recommended whenever possible.