Developments in Determining Manageability of Prostate Cancer


Prostate Cancer pic
Prostate Cancer

At Metro Chicago Surgical Oncology LLC, Dr. Alan Sadah provides urological care spanning a variety of procedures, including ultrasound and biopsies. Dr. Alan Sadah has extensive experience treating tumors, including through his work on staff at the Chicago Prostate Cancer Center.

Recent research at the University of York suggests new avenues for distinguishing manageable cancer from prostate cancer that requires surgery. For those with non-life-threatening forms of prostate disease, active monitoring can prove less expensive and result in a significantly lower number of negative side effects.

The research, which focuses on cancer type alterations, involves the comparison of hundreds of noncancerous tissue samples with cancerous samples. The scientists algorithmically eliminated genetic pattern noise among nearly a million markers, which left them with 17 distinct genetic markers associated with prostate cancer. This knowledge has the potential to result in fewer unnecessary surgeries and radiotherapy treatments, lessening the financial burden associated with prostate cancer surgery and making medical treatment more effective.


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