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Nephrostomy – Purpose and Procedure



Since 2011, Dr. Alan Sadah has practiced urology with Metro Chicago Surgical Oncology in Chicago, Illinois. In this capacity Dr. Alan Sadah welcomes patients in need of nephrostomy tubing.

In a healthy human urinary tract, urine passes from the kidney into the bladder by way of a tube known as the ureter. If the ureter becomes blocked, the lack of proper urinary flow can lead to kidney damage or infected urine, which poses a serious risk to the patient.

A nephrostomy tube can bypass the damaged ureter and channel urine into an external bag. In some cases, however, it may drain the urine directly into the bladder.

A nephrostomy tube is a surgically introduced device that drains urine from the kidney into the bladder or an external bag. The kidney can then function as normal, while simultaneously clearing up any infection that has developed.

The procedure may take place under sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s needs. Using X-ray or ultrasonic images, a member of medical staff guides thin needle into position. The medical professional then guides a wire through the needle, removes the needle, and passes a thin tube over the wire.

After removing the wire, the medical professional secures the tube in place. If there is an external bag in place, the professional will attach the tubing to the skin and affix the bag. The patient will receive instructions as to how to care for the nephrostomy system.