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The Prostate Gland – Its Function in the Male Body


Metro Chicago Surgical Oncology, Dr. Alan Sadah pic
Metro Chicago Surgical Oncology, Dr. Alan Sadah
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Since 2011, Dr. Alan Sadah has served as a urologist at Metro Chicago Surgical Oncology. Dr. Alan Sadah has practiced in his specialty for more than 25 years, during which time he has served numerous patients with prostate cancer and spoken extensively on the topic.

The prostate gland is a component of the male reproductive system. It produces and secretes prostate fluid, which serves as a carrier for semen during the ejaculation process.

When a man ejaculates, sperm travel from the testes through the vas deferens. These tubes carry the semen into the region of the prostate, which circumscribes the urethra underneath the bladder. The prostate then contracts, separating the bladder from the prostate, and releases fluid and semen into the urethra.

Older men are at increased risk of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), an enlargement of the prostate that causes a compression of the urethra and irritation of the bladder. This affects more than 60 percent of men in their 60s and 90 percent of men in their 70s and 80s.

Symptoms of BPH include a weak or interrupted urine stream, urinary leakage, or frequent urination. These symptoms of prostate growth may also indicate prostate cancer, which affected 200,000 men at the time the National Cancer Institute collected data in 2010.