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Reversing a Vasectomy through Microscopic Surgery


Vasectomy pic
Image: webmd.com

Active with the American Urological Association, Dr. Alan Sadah emphasizes personalized patient care as a practitioner with Metro Chicago Surgical Oncology, LLC. Among Dr. Alan Sadah’s areas of extensive knowledge is microscopic reversal of vasectomy.

With vasectomy centering on the removal of a segment of the vas, the tube that transports sperm from the testes to the penis, vasectomy reversal helps restore fertility through joining the separated ends back together. In the procedure, a microscope is employed to provide extremely magnified vision as the fine, thick-walled tube is re-joined using minute stitches.

Success rates of such procedures in re-achieving a healthy sperm count are correlated with the length of time since the original vasectomy was performed. When the reversal is performed within 15 years, the sperm will re-inhabit the ejaculate in approximately 90 percent of cases, though this is no guarantee of achieving pregnancy. In outlier cases, reversals have been successfully accomplished as long as two decades after the initial surgery.